MIE Prefecture

MIE, Once in Your Lifetime
Mie Prefecture is where Ise Jingu, a shrine that used to be at the top of all shrines in Japan, which many Japanese wished to visit once in their lifetime, is located.

In Mie, there are plenty of tourist attractions including photogenic and breathtaking coastal scenery, a reservoir of theme parks and amusement parks, and famous home of Iga Ninjya. In addition, there are plenty of local gourmet, such as Matsusaka beef (Matsusaka Ushi), Ise-ebi (lobster), and buffet style restaurants of oyster all-you-can-eat, and also souvenirs such as Mikimoto Pearl, the brand worldly known for its high quality. Mie is located in the middle of Osaka and Nagoya, and is a good location to visit using ”Kintetsu Rail Pass” and ”Ise-Kumano-Wakayama Area Tourist Pass of JR Central”

Why don’t you try and visit Mie once in your lifetime?

Visit Mie in Japan, Once in Your Lifetime (kankomie.or.jp)